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Monday, July 30, 2012

First Day of School!

Goodbye, amazing summer vacation! Hello, new school year!

Yes, you read that right. School has started here in Hawaii! Seems like just yesterday I wrote my last blog post, "It is Officially Summer!" It's hard to believe summer has come and gone!

While there were moans and groans about school starting there is one thing that Kailani looks forward to on the first day of school, CAKE! 

It's a tradition we started back in kindergarten. Every year I make her a cake with the new grade number. Since she is entering the 5th grade this year (WHOA) her cake has the number "5" on it spelled out with her favorite candy, Hershey's Cookie and Cream Drops:

This year I actually have to make TWO cakes, since my youngest will be starting kindergarten! Momo starts tomorrow, so I will post her pics then! 

Check out Kailani's first day of school cakes....all the way back to kindergarten!


  1. I love this idea!! I think I might do that with Evelyn!! :) how neat to see all the pictures!

  2. She is just a doll! I love seeing her first day of school pictures every year and am so glad you shared this with me back in the day. I have enjoyed doing it with my girls as well!

  3. Sharon your the BEST MOM EVER!!!

  4. First day in school always great and memorable.....
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