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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Not a City Slicker but....

I'm not a country girl either. I am somewhere in between. And some days I am more one than the other.

While I an enjoy the luxuries that a city can provide, I have to get used to being without a lot of them. For after almost 30 years on Oahu I can happily say I am now a resident of the Big Island. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Oahu, but our family had outgrown our quaint, less than 900 square foot, 2-bedroom cottage.We didn't want to leave Hawaii, but it was time for a much needed change.  So we bought a house, packed our stuff and moved to an outer island. Funny how I make it sound so easy. While my friends thought I had it under control my closest friends knew the truth. I was a hot mess!

We went from living next to a highway to living out in the country. We exchanged the noises of ambulances and traffic for the sounds of nature - coqui frogs, birds, and dogs to name a few. We have even gotten (somewhat) accustomed to hearing gun shots now and then. Some say we moved out to the boonies and others even say we are living off the grid. Nah, not yet. Yes, we live WAAAAAAY out "there" and have a catchment tank for our water, but we still pay for electricity as well as satellite internet and TV (can't live without it!)

Catchment tank overflowing with rainwater!

After all, without the internet I wouldn't be able to find answers to the many questions I have about living in the country such as:

  • When is it the best time to pick bananas/lychee/oranges from a tree?
  • How to take care of goats, chickens, etc.
  • There are huge feral pigs running around on my property. Can I legally hunt on my own land?
And for the city slicker in me: 
  • What left a decapitated rat and its head on my back porch?
  • OMG my puppy ate pig poop. Her breath is foul. What should I do?   
The cool thing is, I can now identify pig poop. Just one step closer to being less of a city slicker! ;)

I see.......bacon!

A Hui Hou!


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