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Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Cousin's Wedding

Today I attended my 2nd cousin's wedding. I was absolutely honored to be invited. You know how weddings are - sometimes it's a free-for-all and everyone is invited or it's the exact opposite and it's only a select few. Not only was I invited but my girls were welcome to come as well. I was very touched.

This cousin of mine, my cousin's daughter, is the sweetest thing ever. I'm not really close to much of my extended family - mostly because we have always lived so far away but this girl is something special. I've always adored her and her now husband is just a doll! I swear they look like a Hollywood couple - both of them just drop dead gorgeous! Looks, personality....they've got it all.

The wedding was in a garden setting at the Broyhill House in Lenoir, N.C. Can you say BREATHTAKING?!? Thank goodness it did not rain as the weatherman was predicting. Unfortunately it was blazing hot and Momo was just not having it! For the first 15 minutes or so all was well but after that, well....see for yourself. Here was the view I had of the ceremony:

Notice I am out of view of the ceremony?
That would be because of this:



At least the sun went back behind the trees and we were able to enjoy the reception. Momo may have enjoyed it too much. It was already passed her bedtime but the DJ was playing some jams and turned on the bubble machine:

Then Momo went a little nuts:

Kailani, on the other hand was on the quiet side. She sat at the table and sipped on some lemonade. When we told her to go dance she refused. Her reason? "I'm a big girl now."

Oh no. It's begun. Second grade syndrome. I told you I was worried about that.

Did you notice no shoes? I guess that would be the "Hawaiian" in us. Or better yet, the "non-girlie" in us. Who wants to wear shoes? Unless they are flip-flops, or "rubbah slippahs".

(ETA: I also wanted to make sure to tell you all that I did NOT make the dresses! I have to thank Kohl's for their 50% off sale and for my dad for buying them!)

And I have to mention the sweetest thing that I witnessed today. The way my cousin's husband (fiance at the time) was looking at my cousin during the ceremony was PRICELESS. It was of true adoration and PURE, SINCERE LOVE! Women would KILL (or pay millions) to have their man look at them the way he did her. It gave me goosebumps. <3>
Congratulations to my beautiful cousin and her husband!

(Names and pictures of the happy couple have been withheld until permission is granted. Yes, I know, I know.....you can see one picture of 1/2 of the couple....)


  1. Great dresses :) It just cracks me up that you are in Lenoir, my hometown. Maybe next time Hubby can get us stationed in Hawaii and I can live in your hometown, LOL!

  2. Sabrina - lol. I guess I'd better clarify - I did NOT make the dresses! I'm gonna go edit my post now! lol

    Work on hubby to get you stationed in Hawaii! I'll greet you with open arms...and leis! :)

  3. Hi there. Just popped over from it's a Beauty Filled Life and had to comment. What a great post! your babies are beautiful and I really enjoyed reading through your blog:)

  4. The girls looked like little princesses! Sounds like a great day.

  5. haha, okay... well they are super cute anyway!! Your girls are always such little beauties!


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