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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Trip to Virginia....

Lots of catching up to do and so little time to do it! Let me start off with our trip back to Virginia.... We had a wonderful time. The Virginia schools were still in session and we were invited by Kailani's previous 1st grade teacher to join her class for a reunion/party. I was literally teary-eyed when we walked into her classroom. Such fond memories even if was only six months ago that she attended school there. Her teacher is fabulous! We also ran into her reading teacher, kindergarten teachers, and even the school principal. It was a great reunion for all of us!

While in Virginia I also collected some donation items from my best friend for the Barium Springs Home for Children as well as some beautiful handmade blankets from my friend Dawn. Pictures to follow in a separate post!

We also spent a lot of time with friends:
And family: But not all was good. There was the meltdown (or two or three) and tears:

(Those would be MY glasses that she decided to throw on the ground....)

On our way back to NC we stopped in Virginia Beach to visit with one of my girlfriends from Hawaii. She had the fabulous idea of eating at a fairly new restaurant, Aloha Hawaiian BBQ.

I walked in and felt like I was back home. Not to sound like a big sap but I felt teary-eyed (again!) I've been totally without "local kine grinds" for almost three years now so I had a difficult time choosing what I wanted to eat! One of everything? Is there a sampler platter?
I decided to order three different plates to share between myself and my girls. Spam moco, barbeque chicken combo and the barbeque chicken & chicken katsu combo. As I paid for the food the girl asked, "Would that be all?" My answer? "For now."

Fork? Who needs a fork?

If you looked at the customers in the restaurant you would think that there were all from Hawaii. These boys look like local boys but they are not. They did mention wanting to go back to Hawaii with me. :) The girl in the picture is from Kalihi of all all places!

I'm so glad my girlfriend recommended eating there!

We also stopped by my favorite peanut store - "The Peanut Patch" where they sell Feridies peanuts. I have never had peanuts as good as these!

Now that we are back in NC and the movers are coming a few days I've got to get busy!


  1. Looks like you had a great trip, only a few more days left :)

  2. Well, if you ever make it to Vegas, you'll feel right at home. I'm joking when I say it's the ninth Hawaiian island! ;-)

  3. @Steph - these final days are KILLING me! How many more phone calls of me venting can you take? lol

    @Jennifer - I KNOW!!! lol When I went to Vegas for vacation people immediately knew I was from Hawaii because of the way I talk. I don't even speak pidgin..but I guess it's the inflection of my words? Eh, brah? lol

  4. Hi -- stopping by and following from the MBC's "under 100" group, but I see you've reached that milestone!

    Your blog is fun to read! I like your style. :D



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