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Friday, June 19, 2009

Responding to Comments - Poll

A little blog etiquette (or "Blogtiquette") question for my blogging friends!

I've searched high and low and have checked out what a lot of you have done but I still haven't figured out what is the best way to respond to comments left on my blog! I appreciate it when someone has taken the time to stop by and leave a note and I'd like to acknowledge them - but what's the best way? Admittedly I haven't been consistent in my responses but I am pledging to do so now!

So, if you are a blogger that DOES respond to comments (I know not everybody does!) here's my question:

"What is the best way to respond to reader comments?"

I have a poll set up at the top of my blog - I'd appreciate your input! Send your friends over here too - the more responses to the poll the better. I'd like to get a general consensus of what people do/prefer. The poll ends in a week. If you leave a comment I will respond via.....well....I guess we'll find out!

Thanks for your help! Now go vote! :)


  1. I say if someone took the time to come to our blog and comment, then we should show the same consideration and go to theirs and comment back. Everyone loves comments and to know someone stopped by.

  2. I personally always respond on my own blog so that anyeone else reading will see my response as well. Going to their blog and commenting on something they wrote wouldn't relaly make sense because what I'm responding may not fit their post. Also, I know I personally will go back to blogs I've responded to in order to see if someone did a response like if I ask a question or something.

  3. I voted other. I sometimes do all of the above. Depends on if I personally know the person or not. I don't get a lot of traffic or comments, so I'm able to. If they are asking a general question that I think others might benefit from the answer I post a comment on my blog. If they are a random person I don't know who has a specific comment or question, I generally post on mine and on theirs in case they don't make it back to my blog and if it is a friend I usuallly respond in person, email or other way way keep in touch (facebook, hm...)I don't think there is one hard and fast rule and that it depends on who it is, the content of their comment, your time, etc. But you have inspired me to do better with responding to all comments!

  4. I like to respond by email because I get one everytime a comment is left in on my blog. A lot of times people do not have their email linked to their profile so that's not always possible. Then I go and try to leave on their blog. Most of the bloggers who leave comments on my posts are ones I interact regularly with so I'm already visiting their blogs and posting my own comments on their posts. If it's someone new I like to respond by email and then I'll go visit their blog. Responding by email has become my way to keeping track which ones I've gotten back on and which ones I haven't. A little arrow shows up by ones I've replied to. Then I can go ahead and delete it and if I have a huge number of email in the inbox I know I've been slacking about responding.

  5. This has been an issue of concern to me as well. I do a little bit of everything, but this hasn't really been acceptable to me. Recently I installed the free JS-Kit comment system. I *think* that when I reply directly to a comment on my blog using this software, an email is sent to the person I'm replying to (if they left an email address in the form when commenting). I also *think* that commenters only have to enter this info the first time they comment at my blog and their computer stores the info for next time. Like I said, this is new software to me, but if most people will enter the info once, it should solve all my comment/reply concerns. ;)

    Here's the link to the software if you want to check it out:

  6. I love everyone's comments. Thanks so much for your insight!

    Still a bit undecided on what I'd like to do - everyone's points are valid!

    @Steph - I think it's a great idea to reciprocate a nice gesture!

    @Sapphire Mommy - I like having all the comments in the same place. And I think when you comment back on your own blog it helps the flow of conversation...

    @Amanda - EXACTLY! Others may benefit from a question asked!

    @Katie - very, very true. By responding via email it can help keep track of who you've already responded to.... By the way, you are FANTASTIC at responding to people's comments! (Great blog, great crafts, great commenter ..... what else do you do?!?)

    @Sherry - this may just my answer! I had no idea about this! And I did receive an email from you when you responded to one of my comments. I'm wondering if there is a way that you can program your email response to have it say it's from xxx@aol.com vs. from JS-Kits? Your email went directly to my Spam folder but I was lucky to catch it......

    Thanks for all the insight!

  7. I am glad you posted this question. I usually try to respond on my blog if it pertains to everyone. Sometimes I will email the person or visit their blog to let them know I commented to their question on my blog. Like your other commenter's it is confusing and I deal with it on a case by case basis.


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