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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sansa Shaker - MP3 Player for Kids!

Awhile back (while doing who-knows-what) I glanced up at the tv (which I was not watching) and saw someone doing a review on an MP3 player - the Sansa Shaker. What caught my attention about this particular MP3 player was that it has a built in speaker so while headphones are included (ear buds) they are not necessary. Not only that but it also uses an SD card (which is included) so you can share your music with others! But the COOLEST thing about it is to play the next song you shake it! (Or if you're old school and would rather hit the "forward" button you can do that too!) It also makes these funny sounds like, "uh-oh". How fun is that, especially for the younger crowd?

Now my "younger crowd" is pretty young. It consists of a 2 year old and a 6.5 year old. The Sansa Shaker is intended for those eight and above. I realize that these are merely guidelines (and I appreciate them) but that's just it - they are guidelines. I felt that my 6.5 half year old would enjoy having one, especially since she's recently transitioned to listening to "big girl music" such as the Jonas Brothers, Kidz Bop, etc. vs. "kid's music". By the way, when did that happen?!?

So my search began. I was specifically looking for the pink one with 512 MB (smallest capacity and holds approximately 90-100 songs). My search was a long and dreadful one. I could rehash it but it might just get my panties in a bunch and we don't want that. So here's the scoop:

Amazon currently has the 512MB pink one for $29.99 and the blue one on sale for $19.99 (go figure). SOME Toys R Us stores carry it - some only carry the blue one and many are going to discontinue stocking them period!

Toys R Us lists theirs at $19.99 but they were/are on sale for $15.99. Then at another Toys R Us I found the pink one for $9.99! (Yeah! So TAKE THAT Amazon!) We brought it home, uploaded some music and TA-DA! It was ready to go!

Kailani went nuts over it. It didn't take her long at all to figure out how to use it. She tried using the earphones that came with it but it just wasn't working for her. Today I picked up a pair of pink kid's headphones at Target for about $15.99. Kailani LOVES them! I think what she really likes is the option to wear them or not wear them.


Kailani wanted me to blog about her Shaker but didn't want her photo taken!


Of course little sister wants to know what all the fuss is about!

I have to give the Sansa Shaker two thumbs up! If you want one try your local Toys R Us first! Since many of them are no longer stocking them you might just find one on sale!

For other reviews on the Sansa Shaker check out the Sansa Shaker website as well as Amazon.


  1. Great review Sharon! I'd never heard of these before and I like their small size, perfect for little ones and the cool way you switch songs. Sounds like there are a lot of features in such a small gadget and the price is right. Where in Toys R Us did you find it?

  2. Hi Katie!

    Thanks! I found it hanging on a hook in the electronics department where they have other MP3 players... it has been so much fun for both of the girls!

  3. Wonderful post! I'm going to look for it.

    Following you from MBC 100. Hope you'll follow me at www.heartsandhands.blogspot.com.

    Have a great day!

  4. I've never seen those before. Loved reading your review. Looks like they love them too!

  5. We have one too. I didn't know that they are meant for over 8. My daughter who is only 2.5 can use it (without headphones) and is very happy with it.

  6. How fun is that? My kids would love this! Such cute pictures of the girls, too listening to their music!

  7. Awesome review, and of course the girls look so cute. It is small than I first thought, I know C&M would love this. What a deal you got!! All your hard work paid off :)

  8. @Lori - Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to check your site out! :)

    @Sandy - they do love it! I ended up getting Mo one today too!

    @Raising a Happy Child - I just bought another today for Mo (who is not quite 2.5). She's been carrying her sister's around saying, "MINE!" (oh boy). I also bought the Fisher Price "Tough Kid" headphones. They are GREAT!

    @Kris - (I've missed you!) It really is a neat little gadget! But the pink ones are hard to find!

    @Steph - I'm SURE C&M would love it! Just put in some Spongebob, I-Carly, etc. and they will "rock out" as Kailani would say! lol


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