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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Computer Monitor Covers

The itch that I had to to want to sew has been scratched. Awww....I feel much better now!

We decided to give the sewing machine repair guy a green light to fix my machine. At least when it gets out of the shop it should work like new (it better!) Can't wait to hear it purr as I feed it with fabulous fabric. :)

In a previous post I mentioned Kailani's teacher requesting someone to sew some computer covers. DONE! I made four flat screen monitor covers and am working on how to make some keyboard covers. Any suggestions on how to construct it? I have this tendency to think big and complicated when simplicity is the best answer - especially for a bunch of 2nd graders.

After I made the covers Kailani's teacher then asked me to sew two seams down the side of some fabric to use as a tv cover. I have never been so happy to sew a darn seam! :)

Pictures to come - after I've completed the keyboard covers!

BTW - that old Singer? It works GREAT. It doesn't have ANY fancy gadgets and is definitely louder then my machine but the sucker works!


  1. I probably would have gone the repair route as well! I hope it does purr like a kitty when you get it back!

  2. I would like to see the pictures!


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