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Monday, September 28, 2009

Time for the Tooth Fairy!

Good Morning Waikiki!

We had a WONDERFUL weekend. Our family spent the night at the Hilton Hawaiian Village to celebrate Kailani's birthday. We opted to do this versus having an actual party and it was the best idea ever! Kailani loved it, it was WAY less stress for me and the entire family ended up having a really good time! Kailani was allowed to invite one friend to spend the day with her. It was a blast!

Waiting on the lanai for their friends to show up.

We spent some time walking around the property, swimming in the pool and then swimming in the lagoon. Oh....the lagoon.

Funny thing that happened while at the lagoon - the girls and our friends were in the water while my husband sat on the beach watching our stuff (gotta give him a break - he's been sick!) Meanwhile a group of young, beautiful Chinese women plopped their stuff right in front of my husband and starting posing quite provocatively while taking pictures of each other. It made my husband a bit uncomfortable and he got up and walked away. (Or he was afraid he was going to be in "B.T." (BIG TROUBLE) had he stayed!)

Kailani in the foreground - girls posing in the water.

Momo have a snack while the ladies were getting into position. What the?!?

At first I was a bit annoyed that these women would set up shop right in front of a family with young kids. Maybe I was being set up and was going to be featured on "Candid Camera" or some hidden video show! While some of their poses were of the norm others were quite promiscuous. Even the Victoria's Secret models wouldn't pose in some of the ways these ladies were posing! But after a few minutes just for kicks I decided to offer to help. I asked if they wanted me to take a group picture.

Yeah, I did.

And yes, they wanted me to.

So I did. They handed me their cameras and I clicked away. They even wanted Momo and her friend to get into the picture. And guess what? They were so appreciative and super nice (and kept THIS photo super clean!) While I still question the intentions of their photos (not that it's any of my business!) they ended up being very polite. Who knows their story! But I managed to change an uncomfortable/awkward situation into a comical one. :)

After the lagoon we cleaned up and headed to Lappert's for some ice cream. Oh my. I hadn't had Lappert's in probably five or six years. Lappert's is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S and worth every single calorie!

After eating in (sooooo exciting for a 7 year old!) and then sleeping in the next morning our mini birthday vacation was over. Everyone was happy until about an hour before we checked out of the hotel. A little drama ensued. No. I take that back. A LOT of drama!

I was packing, my husband was in the shower and Kailani was laying on the bed watching tv when Momo started jumping on the bed. Momo fell backwards landing on top of her sister and hit her on the mouth. Kailani rolled out of the bed, jumped up and pulled her tooth out of her mouth and held it up (think football player just scoring a touchdown and holding up the ball for all to see.)

While she looked a little stunned all was fine. That is until she looked in the mirror and saw the BLOOD. Oh why oh why did it have to bleed?

Poor kiddo. As you can tell she was terribly upset. And yes, the tooth fairy did come.

This morning I made it a point to send a note in to her teacher explaining what had happened because Kailani has another tooth that is hanging on by a thread. I will be totally surprised if it doesn't fall out before the end of the school day! Good luck teacher. Hopefully there will be no blood!

Note: Please don't hate on me because I recorded the aftermath. ;) A few of my girlfriends have sent me some "hate" mail telling me how WRONG I am to have taken the video clip. But it was a BIG moment! She will laugh about it one day. I promise!


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Those pics are great. I love the one with the flower in her hair.

  2. Aw, poor thing! I hope the bleeding stopped quickly after. Glad to hear the tooth fairy paid a visit though!

    Sounds like it was a wonderful birthday getaway for all :)

  3. What a day! It had everything in it...fun, sun, friends, provocative ladies, ice cream, tackling, blood and the tooth fairy! Whoa!

    By the way can we sign up for your post card exchange?

  4. Veronica - thanks! She's totally been into putting flowers in her own hair. I think it's really cute. Although this time she put it behind her right ear which means she's available. Uh, no. ;)

    Momisodes - oh yeah! I'm glad the bleeding stopped as well! (Just wait till it's Babisodes turn!) I didn't post about it yet but she did end up losing her other tooth the next day in class!

    Mama King - OH SNAP!!! When you narrow down our weekend to that it was definitely a weekend full of EVERYTHING! HA! And OF COURSE you can sign up for our PC Exchange! You still have our address, right?


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