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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair Bling! Hair Tinsel! Hair Flair!

Been a bit busy....thanks for checking in if you're here! :)

This past weekend Kailani's school hosted a craft fair and keiki (kid) swap meet. Being right around the corner from us and wanting to show some support for her school we popped in (of course it had NOTHING to do with the fact that I like crafts....ahem....) Right at the entrance into the cafeteria was a table advertising "hair bling". Ever heard of it?

It goes by other names as well - hair flair, hair tinsel, etc. It's basically tying a thin piece of tinsel onto the root of some hairs. It gives the illusion of sparkly highlights. Much like the tinsel you put on your Christmas tree it comes in different colors and is said to last for several weeks (unless you pull them out). You can wash it, blow dry it, even flat iron or curl it!

They were charging three strands for $5.00. Is that a good price? I had no idea but then I overheard someone saying that most salons charge about $5.00 per strand. Kailani REALLY wanted to get it done. Oh why not.

Kailani got in line and picked her colors. Momo did the same. While I had no intention of paying to get my two year old's hair done the nice lady in front of us (who waiting for her daughter's hair bling to get done) told the ladies to keep her change and use it to put some bling in the baby's hair - meaning Momo! How nice was that?

Even more niceness to follow. The ladies actually put extra bling in Kailani's hair at no extra cost. It probably took about 15 minutes for each of the girls. The bling turned out super cute! Check it out:

Have you seen hair bling where you are? I'm really curious! Let me know!


  1. I've never heard of that! It's really cute!

  2. Looks cool! A little 80's feeling - which always makes me a bit nostalgic. Although $5! That is a bit much.

  3. That is so cute! It does look like highlights - baby girl style! ;-)

  4. Never heard of it or seen it before, but very cute!

  5. I have some in my hair now! I live on Kauai and it's really popular here (I've only seen it on adults though). Three for $5 is an okay price to have it professionally done. I wont pay for it myself, seems like a rip-off. I buy mine from hairflairs.com (free shipping even to HI) and it's mere cents a strand after that. The site has videos on how to tie it in. It's super easy to learn how to do it.

  6. Wow interesting. I've never seen that before. Cute stuff


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