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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint


While on vacation we actually managed to do some crafts! My friend, Kim from 4 Crazy Kings mentioned making sidewalk chalk paint and I just so happened to have all the ingredients and supplies needed! Water, cornstarch, food coloring, paint brushes and bowls! The kids painted while on vacation as well as since we've gotten back!

Sidewalk chalk painting - even I got in on the fun!   

Painting the steps at home.....      

When the paint dries the colors POP and it really look like chalk! Check out the before and after pictures of Kailani's dragon:

Dragon - wet.

Dragon - dry!
Super easy and super fun! To remove (why would you want to?) just hose it down!

To make the sidewalk chalk paint just mix equal proportions of water and cornstarch then add food coloring. That's it! To make two muffin pans of colors I used two cups of water and two cups of cornstarch plus food coloring. Perfect. We even left the pan outside overnight and painted the next day! 

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