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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Postcard Exchange - Can You Help?

Awhile back we took on a ginormous but fun project of collecting postcards from the 50 states. We enlisted the help of family and friends who in turn told their family and friends. The response was AMAZING! After about 6 months we received postcards from all 50 states (well, 49 as we did not ask for one from our home state)! We learned a little about each of the 50 states and a lot about our own. It was a project to be proud of and we were so blessed to have so many people help us out! 

Now a friend of ours is doing the same thing and is looking for people to contribute. All you have to do is send them a postcard and on it include one interesting fact about your state. If you would like a postcard in return be sure to include your return address!

Please send your postcard to:

Noah and Gabriel Ehlenberger
P.O. Box 175
Oak Harbor, Wa 98277

For more info please check out the Ehlenberger's blog.

Thanks for helping out! :)


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