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Sunday, April 5, 2009

FINALLY! Five months later.....

It's been five months since I learned my lesson in vanity. Not my own - but in that of my children.

Five months ago my then 1.5 year old had the most amazing long hair. That is until her big sister decided to cut it. No, it didn't make me feel better that she cut her own as well. I'll get myself all worked up about it if I retell the entire story so let me just show you some pictures.

Here is Mo back in September.
Notice how her hair is down to the middle of her back!

Here is Mo after her sister got a hold of her.

And here is Mo today:

Today I actually had to trim her bangs a little! Of course I went back and forth with "bangs or no bangs" and decided that right now bangs are easier.

My hair is growing out as well. I can finally put it in a really dorky ponytail. So dorky that I wouldn't wear it in public but nonetheless it's finally long enough! Guess the girls in this family are lucky to have hair that grows so quickly!


  1. OH my! I would have had a heart attack. Her hair is gorgeous! I just love her dark, wavy locks (my daughter's is pin straight like mine). I think it's growing in nicely. She is adorable anyway she wears her hair.

  2. Awww, it's growing back so well! I remember seeing the aftermath first hand...eeek. M just looked like a little pixie after K got done with her :)

  3. Sandy - I came as close to having a heart attack as you possibly could without actually having one. I was freaking out - my husband was telling me to "calm down"....CALM DOWN?!?

    Steph - yeah. You saw it. And you are being mighty kind to say she looked like a little pixie. We both know the truth! lol

  4. Oh man...those pictures are going to be priceless one day when you need to use them for certain blackmail! LOL!

    I'd be lost without my dorky ponytail! It's in one just about every day! :)

  5. Kris...when I say dorky I mean it. With my stumpy little ponytail my head resembles that of a dog's butt...with a cropped tail! ;)


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