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Monday, August 2, 2010

First Day of School.....

Today is Kailani's first day of school. (Didn't I JUST write this post?!?) Not only is it the first day of school but the first day at a new school. This morning was full of anxiousness, excitement, nervousness......but also happiness. And because she is happy this mama is relieved.

And sad. (But...I did NOT cry this time! HA!)

While most parents seem to be excited to send their kids back to school I am a bit bummed. I honestly love having her home (but homeschooling is out of the question!) She is such a sweet girl and our summer was awesome. I can't believe how fast it flew! I'm gonna miss having her around all day!

Anyways, every year on the first day of school I make her a cake. Just an FYI - making and decorating cakes are not my thing. Eating them - yes, that's my thing. :)

Here she is this morning...her first day of 3rd grade followed by pictures of her first day of 2nd grade, 1st grade and kindergarten:

It's amazing to see how much she's grown and changed over the years!

Best of luck to her and all the other kids that have returned to school already! Teachers too!

P.S. Is it time to pick her up yet?!?


  1. What a beautiful young lady. Here's to a rockin 3rd grade Kailani!!!

  2. your baby is growing up! I love the cake idea! I think I'll start that too!

  3. Sarah - you gotta move back. You just gotta.

    Kelly - do it! K looks forward to it every year! (And it's another reason for CAKE! lol)

  4. Omigosh with a blink of an eye they grow up so fast! It must be a west coast thing to go back to school in August. In CA we went back in Aug but in MI there's a state law that you can't start until after Labor Day. Crazy!

  5. Wow look how she has changed over the years. I will be starting this with C this year..Kindergarten here we come!

  6. I love the cake idea... May have to try that! Thanks for sharing. Third grade is my favorite next to second!

  7. What a great tradition! Hope she is loving her new school. She is such a beauty!

  8. I love this! Tyler starts "real" preschool next week. Do you have the cake for them to see before school or is it the surprise after school?


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