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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toddler/Preschool/Smaller/Shorter Mermaid Towels


I just listed two of the smaller/shorter mermaid towels in my Etsy shop. The sad thing is they've  been done for WEEKS but I never got around to taking pictures and listing them. My apologies for the backdrop (GARAGE) as it is raining right now! Plus I have an injured foot (post for another day) so I had to take the picture where I could get the best light - which is still lacking. *Sigh*

I still have another one of the shorter towels about half way done. It's pink and teal. Pretty cute! It'll be listing in my shop soon (*keeping my fingers crossed*) 

While you can see the towels in my Etsy shop I'll show them here as well:

The last one is not available for sale but is very similar to the one that I have listed - the only difference is the trim. Isn't Gabby a beautiful little mermaid? 


  1. Those are so beautiful, I love the bias tape around it. That definitely shows that this is quality work!

  2. wow, so adorable. I'll be linking to this on Sunday.

  3. LOVE LOVE them:)
    We should get together and swim sometime w/ the kids together!

  4. My girls LOVE theirs! I must post a photo! By the way, Lu likes to wear hers Pocahontas style. Which in the mind of an almost 5 year old means - wrapped over one shoulder. I'll take picts. They have been wearing them all summer long. Even when they are at home and there isn't a drop of water to be had.


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